A gem show display of lapidary work.

Want to learn about rocks and jewelry?

Stockton Lapidary and Mineral Club is a gathering place for folks interested in finding and shaping rocks, minerals, and gem stones into decorative items and jewelry.  

The Lapidary Story

Our Mission

SLMC is a nonprofit educational organization established to promote the study of all earth sciences through learning and practicing the art and skills of lapidary work.


Visit our Workshop/Meeting Space

 We welcome guests to our work spaces. You'll meet members who are using rock saws, grinding and polishing machines, dremel tools, metalworking and glass making tools, and all sorts of hand tools for working with minerals, crystals, glass and metals.    

We'd love to show you around and invite you and your friends to become members. You are welcome to just drop in to the workshop during workshop hours or to visit one of our regular monthly meetings.

Club History


The Stockton Lapidary And Mineral Club was organized in 1939, though the club was inactive during the war years of the early '40's.  The club has been in continuous operation throughout the years since the war.  In November of 1959 the 3136 East Anita Street property was acquired.  Early on, the club decided to host and annual show, known for years as the Earth's Treasures Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, and Bead Show.  Over the years, the show has grown to the point that we typically have over a thousand visitors to the show, including hundreds of youngsters.  Our club membership includes dozens of folks with varying interests--some loving to be out in the field, some loving to cut and polish gemstones, some loving to visit school classrooms, and some just wanting to be in touch with and support what we do.  Our youngest is 10 years old and our oldest is in her 90's.  A few have been with us for so long that we have given them a special status as Life Members.