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Joining Our Club is Easy

Your first two visits to the workshop or monthly meetings are free.  Just sign an agreement to join and support the club and then dive in to whatever part of what we do interests  you the most.

Club Fees

Membership fees are $22 per year for adults and $9 per year for young people 17 and under.

Shop fees are $3 each time you come to use our equipment.  The shop fee for youngsters is $1.

To use a big saw in our saw shop costs $3 per saw per day.

Shop Hours

Club Membership Meetings

Members typically meet once a month for planning and supporting the club's activities.  Meetings are held during daylight hours as much as possible.  From November through February, most meetings are on the third Saturday of the month from 1:00 to 3:30.  The rest of the year, we meet on the fourth Thursday of the month from  6:00 to 8:30.

What Club Members Can Do

Workshop lapidary hobbies.

Field trips.

Federation with other clubs.

Annual gem shows.

Service to our community.

Membership newsletter.

Club Officers and Board Members

President:  Eric Schooling

Vice-President/Show Chair:

Secretary:  Tiffany Ruiz

Treasurer: Bill Scantling

Federation Director: Wayne Meissner

Newsletter Editor: Anne Nishioka

Education: Mary Calderon

Rose Bitz